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SYLLABUS 2018'2019


Adele Passovoy



Room: A226

Phone: (512) 464-6451


Tutorials: "B" Tuesdays, "B" Wednesdays and "B" Thursdays
                  4:25 to 5:00pm, unless conferences are scheduled



1st Marking Period

  • Biomolecules

  • Cell Structure and Processes

  • Cell Energy

2nd Marking Period

  • DNA and the Cell Cycle

  • Protein Synthesis and Gene Expression

3rd Marking Period

  • Animal Systems

  • Plant Systems

4th Marking Period

  • Genetics: Inheritance Patterns

  • Genetics: Modern Genetics

  • Evolution: Evidence

  • Evolution: Mechanisms

5th Marking Period

  • Viruses and Taxonomy

  • Interdependence in Ecosystems

6th Marking Period

  • Population Ecology

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